Thursday, August 19, 2010

Corvettes on Woodward

Awesome 400 Corvettes gathered at the Radisson Hotel (formerly Kingsley Inn) back parking lot. Larry Courtney and Friends started this event 2003 . Larry thanked everyone for coming and bringing canned food for the St Johns Church Open Hands Food Pantry. Glenda Lewis from Channel 7 ,interviewed cruisers.The video can be seen on channel 7 website. Look for Cindy B and her car, at the end of interview look for Blanche. Woodward Avenue stop and go, go and stop was the only way to travel. Spectators cheered the cars on. Ten cars and members from the GMC club enjoyed the warms summer cruise. Corvettes ruled Woodward Wednesday Night

Here is the video

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kennedy Center

Six Corvettes,Plus one, parked in the front drive way at the Kennedy Center, this Friday morning. This is a school for disadvantage childern. The D.J. was playing 1950 music and there was popcorn and goodies for sale,raffle tickets were sold and Blanche won a Southern Motor T shirt. The students came on their lunch break to view the corvettes and other cars from the Flaming Pistons Club. Two students were given rides in Chucks corvette. The cars definitely brighten their lunch time and sent them smiling back to class. Due to budget cuts this event has been postponed for a few years, until this year Mr Perry , coordinator brought it back and is already planning next year

Lakevill Inn

Hazy,sunny and hot....the perfect day for Corvettes to cruise to the Lakeville Inn. Assorted colored Corvettes parked in the large lot,made it look more like a large flower bed rather than a place to park cars.Among the bouquet of Corvettes,several other unidentified vehicles were parked to give a touch of contrast. Dark clouds appeared after our arrival,and diverted us from the once sunny deck to a dimly lite room. Oh Well! The chatter was still abundant, topics ranged from trips taken,to when is the next cruise. There are new owners at the Lakeville Inn and sadly this meant deep fried olives and pickles are no more. Some members were disappointed .The staff was pleasant,sparse,and slower than a Sunday driver when you're late for work. The food was excellent and the portions large. Ah...a long lunch,one of the perks of Dun Werkin. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. The ride home with top down or windows open,completed the day of good food,friends and cars