Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Russ

Seems our very own president and fearless leader (that's Russ!), suffered/experienced/had a 60th birthday this past weekend, coincidentally the same day as the Shelby Lions car show at the Packard Proving Grounds.

To commemmorate this auspicious event, two unnamed ladies of the club visited Russ and Carol's house (while they were away, of course) and decorated the front yard with "60 Big Ones," in reality 30 bra's apparently designed for fairly "heavy duty." Strung across the yard between two trees and marked with an appropriate sign, the picture with this blog is "ample" evidence of the magnitude of both Russ' birthday AND the task undertaken by the two unnamed ladies.

Congratulations, Russ, and happy birthday again.....a couple of days later. You're a solid president and leader of our club, and now, with "60 big ones," you have your "hands full." OK, this is even cracking me up.

Best to you, good friend.